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After 4 months of lockdown, our art critic returns to museums to have his mind newly blown

With the reopening of many of the region's museums, it's possible to see art again. And maybe, because of the deprivations and horrors of four pandemic months, we'll see it differently.  At least that's the way I feel after a mini-binge of museum-going, in which I caught up with two exhibitions I had planned to see this spring, along with a third that had not been on my radar. This change of perception doesn't spring from big changes in the museum experience: the new protocols of advance reservations, face masks, sanitizer stations, and one-way traffic flow to encourage social distancing.  Rather, after this forced fast, the art itself seems stranger, more alive, and deeply textured. I suppose you can lose yourself in a smartphone screen, but not as you can in a painting.  Back in March, I had been planning to review the Woodmere Art Museum's show "Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia", which opened in February (and reopens this wee

Art Bushing books available online, MC Bookstore

The two volumes of letters and journals of Art Bushing are available at bookstores online, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. They also will be stocked at the Maryville College bookstore. Lisa Soland transcribed, compiled and edited the volumes. She is senior editor of Climbing Angel Publishing. The two books are called "Art and Dotty: His Diary, Their Letters & Photographs of World War II," which is Volume I and "Art Bushing: His Diary, Letters & Photography of World War II, Volume II."

San Diego Weekend Art Events: Plays By Black Women, Outdoor Performances And 92 New Works Online

Find San Diego art and culture events beyond Comic-Con this weekend with Moxie's Dinner and a Zoom, a live outdoor front yard dance performance, the Athenauem's juried art exhibition and a livestreamed front porch concert from Berkley Hart. Speaker 1: 00:00 Lots of people will probably be busy this weekend with Comicon at home, but have Comicon. Isn't your thing. Here are some arts events and virtual offerings to fill your weekend. For instance, an outdoor front lawn socially distance dance performance plays by local black women and an annual juried exhibition that thanks to the pandemics online revolution is now able to feature digital video works, KPBS arts editor, Julia Dixon Evans is here with all the details and welcome Julia. Hi Maureen. Now there's a group putting on very intimate outdoor dance performances. Tell us about live in public. Speaker 2: 00:43 Yeah, it's a project of Anna Brown Massey and Victor Della Wente. They're both local artists and d

Bohemia art space offers frontline workers, caregivers stress relief with creative classes

Prior to the pandemic, Bohemia — an art space in North Boulder — hosted its fair share of workshops for all ages. The funky industrial locale, at 4919 North Broadway, Unit 7, opened in 2017 and has been the site of boutique pop-ups, album release soirees and various celebratory gatherings. Cindy Parker and Abby Sivy, standing, help Audrey Wilson, left, Livia Hall, top right, and Ande Bernthal, all staff members with Academy Senior Living. with a rt projects on July 16. Sivy and Parker, who own the NoBo art center Bohemia Boulder, have organized team builds and art sessions for workers of medical facilities and caregivers at nursing homes to de-stress during the pandemic. (Cliff Grassmick/ Staff Photographer From corporate team-building sessions to private art parties, the studio — brimming with oversized tissue-paper flowers, messages of positive affirmations and intriguing birdcages — was a place that offered a refuge from the ordinary. Intricate beaded mala necklaces, handc

When a 200-year-old oak tree died in Whitefish Bay, this family hired a local sculptor to turn it into art

Autoplay Show Thumbnails Show Captions Last Slide Next Slide When a Whitefish Bay family’s 200-year-old oak tree died, they hired a local sculptor who carved the tree’s decaying trunk into a piece of art. “Because it was so big and it was so central in our backyard, my wife began to be uncomfortable with all the branches, and the fact that they could break off and hurt somebody,” said homeowner Morgan White.  White and his wife, Ann, searched for sculpture ideas online and in magazines. They settled on a depiction of a castle-like village surrounded by a snaking staircase.  White called his friend and art gallery owner Frank Sadler, who showcases Jeremy Wolf's art at Sadler Gallery in the Third Ward’s Marshall Building, 207 E. Buffalo St. Buy Photo Artist Jeremy Wolf stands with the castle-like village he carved from a 200-year-old oak tree in the backyard of Ann and Morgan White's home in Whitefish Bay. Visit jer

Visual arts review: Columbus Museum of Art exhibit commemorates 50th anniversary of Stonewall

"Art After Stonewall," the largest and most significant exhibition of art marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, had barely opened at the Columbus Museum of Art when the pandemic struck. The museum and the exhibit had to close, especially disappointing during June, Pride Month. Recently, the museum reopened with mandatory masks and social distancing; the exhibit has been extended to Oct. 4. Tyler Cann, the museum's head of exhibitions and Pizzuti Family curator of contemporary art, called the reopening "incredibly timely" on the heels of Pride Month and "particularly in light of the Black Lives Matter protests." "This is an exhibition that arose from a protest movement and looks at how Stonewall was memorialized and embedded in artistic culture over two decades," he said. "It's important for us to state that art is a social agent. It can advance those protest movements in symbolic but also very real ways.&q