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San Diego Weekend Art Events: Plays By Black Women, Outdoor Performances And 92 New Works Online

Find San Diego art and culture events beyond Comic-Con this weekend with Moxie's Dinner and a Zoom, a live outdoor front yard dance performance, the Athenauem's juried art exhibition and a livestreamed front porch concert from Berkley Hart.

Speaker 1: 00:00 Lots of people will probably be busy this weekend with Comicon at home, but have Comicon. Isn't your thing. Here are some arts events and virtual offerings to fill your weekend. For instance, an outdoor front lawn socially distance dance performance plays by local black women and an annual juried exhibition that thanks to the pandemics online revolution is now able to feature digital video works, KPBS arts editor, Julia Dixon Evans is here with all the details and welcome Julia. Hi Maureen. Now there's a group putting on very intimate outdoor dance performances. Tell us about live in public.

Speaker 2: 00:43 Yeah, it's a project of Anna Brown Massey and Victor Della Wente. They're both local artists and dancers and they've choreographed at 20 minute dance. That's site-specific to a front lawn. Uh, it's kind of a way to gather a small audience together in a way that's safer than being inside a theater. So just a few households wearing masks and seated at a safe distance from each other and the performers and this performance features or recitation of Octavio pauses poem Trowbridge street in English and Spanish, plus them at their own original spoken word and a pretty diverse soundtrack, some experimental instrumental stuff, but also bill Withers, Bela Fleck this track in particular by six organs of admittance, who is a guitar based composer, it's called the acceptance of absolute negation. It's from his 2003 release

Speaker 3: 01:55 [inaudible] you can catch live in public's performance

Speaker 1: 01:59 It's tonight and Saturday at either five, six or 7:00 PM at a private residence front lawn in city Heights, tickets and address Up next, some dinner theater. What does Moxie theater have in store for us this weekend?

Speaker 2: 02:17 Yeah, is paired up with common ground theater, which is a black run local theater. That's been around since 1964 for what they're calling dinner and a zoom they're bringing for new plays written by and directed by black women. And they're all centered around the reality of the pandemic and for dinner, they've put together a list of local black owned restaurants that offer takeout. So you can have dinner during the show, which is of course on zoom and the foreplay's are divided into two nights. Each show with two plays. They all sound amazing and really different. So try to catch both shows if you can. There's one, that's about a zoom wedding. There is a mother and a daughter struggling with their relationship. While one of them's in the hospital, there's a group of friends coping with a salon closure by watching hair tutorials on zoom. And then there's one about the issues that pregnant black women is facing with her white police officer husband

Speaker 1: 03:17 Dinner, and a zoom runs Thursday through Sunday, online via zoom in the visual art world. The Athenaeum hosts, a juried exhibition of new local works each year. And like so many things, this year's exhibition looks a little different. Tell us a little about the show.

Speaker 2: 03:36 Yeah. So this is the Athan AM's 29th installment of their juried exhibition and everything happened digitally, even the submissions and the judging and in a silver lining sort of way as resulted in a larger than usual entrant pool. And it also allowed for films and short video and other experimental video based works. The full exhibitions now available online. It has named me to new works by 46 different local artists. So all of the work had to be made in the last five years. And you had to live or work in the San Diego area to qualify. One of my favorite pieces so far is a digital video by artists, Stephanie Bird, it's called Shula. She calls it a tone poem and it features the really hypnotic video of the American bald Eagle mating ritual. It's this spiraling free fall. And if it's unsuccessful, it results in debt and it's set to this reprocessed audio of Radiohead song to level

Speaker 3: 04:56 [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 04:56 Stephanie bird's video. True love is part of the Anthony AMS annual juried exhibition available for online viewing. Now through September 12th for more arts events or to sign up for the KPBS arts newsletter, go to I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor, Julia Dixon Evans, Julia. Thank you.

Speaker 2: 05:18 Thank you so much, Maureen.


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