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5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

This list of the 5 most beautiful islands in Asia will be great suggestions for those who do not know where to travel this summer.

Every summer, the beautiful islands have a strong attraction for travelers. Many people choose to go to the magical, cool space of the beautiful islands in Europe such as Santorini (Greece) or Ischia (Italy). If Europe is too far for you, then Asia has beautiful islands as well, ones whose names can make you want to run there and surf to the end of summer. 

5 best islands in Asia for surfer this summer 1. Boracay - The jewel in the middle of the Philippine coast

Boracay is a small island in Aklan Province, Philippines with a length of about 7km, less than 2km across, the total area of ​​the island is just over 10 square kilometers. Not only is the brilliant pearl in the middle of the Philippines, Boracay is also one of the 5 most beautiful islands in Asia and in the top 25 of the world.

5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

In the summer, tourists often come to Boracay to surf white water, lie on the smooth white sand or lull in the golden sunshine with peaceful green coconut palms.

5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

In particular, the afternoon is at Boracay most beautiful. Sunset on the sea of ​​Boracay captivates visitors when coming here. During the day the blue sea is as clear as the Maldives, so dark the sea becomes crimson sun. In the late afternoon, you can buy a tour of about 90,000 VND to sail to watch the sun set.

2. Koh Samui - The beautiful coconut island of Thailand

Located off the coast of East Kra Isthmus, Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand with an area of ​​up to 228.7 km2 and a population of over 50,000 people. Both locals and tourists call this place "Coconut Island".

5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

Because before, this land was just a pristine coconut island, few people lived. However, over the past decade, Koh Samui has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Thailand, just behind Phuket and also one of the most beautiful islands in Asia.

5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

In fact, Koh Samui thrives on resorts, favored by travelers for its pristine, rustic and simple nature, by the clear blue waters of the shore or the simplicity of the coastal fishing village.

3. Cebu - The gate to the Philippines's island paradises

Located in the southern Philippines, Cebu is also listed as one of the most beautiful islands in Asia. This place is like a "gate" leading to thousands of journeys when surrounded by 170 different islands.

5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

The islands of Cebu are not far from each other, from one island to another takes only a few dozen minutes by boat. Each island has a unique feature of the landscape and traditional customs. The special feature here is that the waves are very smooth, the sea is clear all year round but the seawater is much saltier than the Vietnam sea.

The characteristics of Cebu beach are non-sloping beaches, white and smooth sand. So, when you come here you can walk for miles on the sea with knee-high water level or unleash all the summer surfing without fear of flooding.

4. Naoshima - The art island of Japan

Naoshima is not without reason to be honored as "The Island of Japanese Art". Coming here, you will encounter the different types of art, the unique art architecture present in every corner of the island, from hotels, galleries to outdoor areas.

5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

Walking around the island alone exploring art in your own way, you will discover outdoor sculptures and impressive works of art, sometimes they hide themselves, cleverly disguised as a playground for children. You or the colorful garden.

In addition, adventure on Naoshima Island is one of the best experiences in life for those who want to escape from the noisy, crowded scenes in cities, to find a peaceful and quiet living space. .

5. Maldives - The smallest island nation in Asia

It would be flawed to mention the most beautiful islands in Asia and skip the Maldives. From the smallest island nation in Asia, the Maldives has become one of the most resort destinations in the world.

5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

The image associated with the Maldives is the stretch of white sand, brilliant coral reefs hidden in turquoise sea or palm-shaped resorts reaching out to the sea.

5 most beautiful islands in Asia to surf to the end of summer

Surfing, snorkelling, watching coral reefs, swimming with sharks or a romantic dinner with candles and wine by the sea are luxurious experiences you should try when traveling to the Maldives.

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