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Muskegon area Art Van store to reopen as Loves Furniture

MUSKEGON, MI – The shuttered Art Van Furniture store near Muskegon will soon reopen under the ownership of Loves Furniture.

A spokesperson confirmed to MLive that the Muskegon store, at 630 Seminole Road in Norton Shores, is one of 17 furniture stores in Michigan that have been acquired by Loves Furniture Inc. and will reopen under the new brand by early June.

Loves announced Tuesday that it will take over the inventory and assets of 27 stores across Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, and Maryland, all formerly operated under the Art Van Furniture, Levin Furniture, and Wolf Furniture brands, according to a news released issued by Loves.

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The Loves Furniture chain, founded earlier this year, will be headquartered in the metro Detroit area and expects to hire more than 1,000 new employees across the region, the news release states.

"Our intent is to begin with hiring and the store remodel in the next few weeks," a spokesperson told MLive Friday.

To expedite the local hiring efforts, the company announced in the release it plans to conduct a "soft launch" of stores in the coming weeks and is exploring options to provide customers with discounted services and special product buys leading up to the official grand opening.

U.S. Assets Inc. and Loves Furniture acquired the 27 stores for $6.7 million in cash. The sold locations are among 169 stores in nine states – 92 that operated as furniture showrooms and 77 free-standing Art Van PureSleep outlets – that were closed as part of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

"Our mission is to provide stylish products, authentic guidance, and an easy experience for our customers as we build comfortable spaces together," said founder Jeff Love in a prepared statement. "We look forward to bringing a brand-new furniture and mattress offering to market very soon.

"Our excitement to open these 27 locations is only the beginning as we are already looking at opportunities to grow and expand our new brand with a much larger footprint."

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